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"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand."

Paul Rand

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Client Story:

Rogers Groundskeeping

In the spring of 2020, Zach Rogers was an 18 year old with a push mower and a desire to earn some extra cash for the summer.

"I started Rogers Groundskeeping with the idea of it being just a summer job. But as the colder seasons came around, I started offering fall clean-ups and then shoveling snow in the winter".

As he entered 2021, he realized that he had the skills and passion to turn his summer job into a full-time business venture.

"My dad owns his own business and gave me some great advice on starting my own company. He told me that the one thing that separates amateurs from professionals is having a strong brand. It shows that you take your business and your work seriously and that you care about the image you present to the world. I had some idea of what I wanted my brand to look like visually, but didn't know how to turn it into a brand identity. So, I asked my dad for advice. He said that Scott at Paddlefish Design created a logo for him and recommended that I reach out for help. I told Scott what I was thinking and in a few weeks he created a full brand identity. It feels great to know that I don't have to spend time or energy on visuals and I can just focus on my work. It's invaluable."

Rogers Groundskeeping has turned into more than just a kid with a push mower trying to earn some extra cash. It’s a year-round business offering high end landscaping services such as trimming, aeration, snow removal, landscape design, hardscaping, and more.

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